Routine, An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

A change of pace with routine

One of the big changes I’ve made recently is adding routine to my life. I’ve always been one to act on impulse and a bit of a procrastinator. Sure, I get things done but sometimes at the last minute. With a routine, I always know what to do when and what needs to be done now. So I’m going to tell you how and why routine can be your friend, too.

An entrepreneur must know how to best use his time and apply his energy. Whether you work from home, the office, a co-working space, or you have a job, family, etc., routine will help you organize your tasks and priorities.

I now enjoy the benefits of routine – here are some rewards you can reap:

  • you’ll have time to devote to yourself, your hobbies, your fulfillment
  • there are only so many hours a day and you’ll boost your productivity at any given time
  • routine is like a daily workout and you’ll train your body and muscles for maximum output
  • doing things on time keeps the people around you happy, and you, in turn, happier
  • don’t ever forget the things you have to do again

Look for these barriers – and overcome them!

  • it takes energy to build a new routine and it takes time for it to become a habit
  • deep down, procrastination is a habit so you have to fight to break it
  • life is unpredictable and things are sure to come up, so make some time for dealing with the unforeseen

Now, routine gives me more time and focus. I’m sharp and getting sharper and I look forward to my daily workout. It’s great motivation for an entrepreneur and it produces real results. Give it a try and see for yourself what kind of routine suits you best.

Turn your boring routine into a challenging workout to train and better yourself!


Just Get Started Already – With Little Steps

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for ages now and I had envisioned my first post being an explanation of why and how I had finally come around to it and bla bla bla. Maybe I’ve been waiting for the stars to align, but the truth is that it’s just time to get off my ass and start writing.

Among startup circles you’ll often hear something along the lines of “just get started” so I figure if they’re all saying it then there must some truth to it, right? I mean, these guys are experts, veterans, professionals, surely they know what they’re talking about… However, that can sometimes be overwhelming for aspiring entrepreneurs.

When goals seem too big, they may also seem out of reach. Take it down a notch by establishing small goals or tasks that you can visualize and accomplish. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur, I have big ideas; it’s difficult to start but here I am writing a post about it. Don’t let that keep you in your comfort zone though, so stay on your feet and be sure to challenge yourself as you go.

We all have something holding us back, whether it’s family, career, procrastination or fear, but then again, these guys did it and continue to do it and when they talk about it, well, it almost seems easy. Today I decided to take a little step with this short post, maybe tomorrow I’ll build my startup. Get out there and take your first steps too, no matter what kind of project you’re taking on and good luck!

What’s one little step you can take today to get started?