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I’ve gathered articles from around the web which I think are very helpful for entrepreneurs. I organized it all around a few broad topics by adding “tags” in a sense. I’m not a coder otherwise I would have created a tool for this.* Please feel free to submit articles via the form at the bottom of this page and answer the quick poll that follows. Be sure to enjoy and share!

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Startup, idea

How to pick the right idea

Starting a business: the idea phase

Your idea sucks now go do it anyway

10 clues to opportunity

How I come up with startup ideas in 4 steps

What startup to build

Startup ideas

The two steps to make good ideas happen

Sorry but your idea is only worth $1

Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

The idea maze

What’s your billion dollar idea? A guide to finding opportunities through random thoughts about everyday problems

The ideation switch


Startup, growth

We unexpectedly got 60k users in 60 hours: what we learned

How my app got 455k users in the first week

8 ways to gain press coverage for your fresh startup

How to get bloggers to write about your startup

From app store newbie to $35000+ in profit

How to kill a great idea: the story of Friendster, interview with founder

How to get 5 million customers with zero ad budget


Entrepreneurship, advice

“Build something people want” is not enough

The axioms of entrepreneurship

The seven principles of successful entrepreneurship


Entrepreneur, advice

An interview with Dennis Crowley, founder of Foursquare

The 100 rules for being an entrepreneur

How to build credibility as a young entrepreneur

Why founders get fired

Start-up dilemma: what if you’re not CEO material?

Valuable lessons learned as a first-year as a startup CEO

Are you CEO material?

How to be the best entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship sucks

Should I or shouldn’t I start a business

12 pointers to becoming a successful entrepreneur

Why entrepreneurs do what they do

Confessions of a successful entrepreneur

Become a category creator

Mark Cuban’s 12 startup rules

Are you an entrepreneur who can make your business fly

Strategy for startups: the innovator’s dilemma

Why you’re a startup founder: nature vs nurture

Top 10 rookie mistakes for entrepreneurs

The one question to ask before starting a business

First time entrepreneurs: stop fucking around and get shit done

10 secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur

7 common mistakes young startup founders make

Airbnb founder: make money off your hobbies

What type of entrepreneur are you?

How to win as a first-time founder

What you really need is a market, not an idea

Startup, funding

5 ways to raise funds for your startup

Show me the money: startup funding infographic

Things entrepreneurs should avoid when rising capital

Fundraising: from 1000 to 1000000

13 steps for raising a fortune in start-up funding

A seed VC’s decision tree

How I got a $165M investment: tips on funding your dream the right way

Pick the entrepreneur lifestyle alternative for you

How the founder of buysellads started an 18M dollar company while working a 9-5 job


Startup, legal

4 stupid legal mistakes that can kill your startup

5 practical guidelines for protecting your ideas

Startup, name

Before naming your startup, read this

What’s in a name? A guide to naming startups

5 trends entrepreneurs should consider when naming a startup



Startup, website

11 steps to create a successful website

How to buy domain names like a pro

Startup, business

The ingredients of a successful company

Plan or build

How to calculate a customer’s value

What consumer tech companies can learn from Apple product launches

7 ways to disrupt your industry

9 deadliest startup sins

The default state of a startup is failure

Timing your startup

The startup owner’s manual

Want to disrupt an industry? Try working in it first

3 reasons to skip the business plan

How to start your million dollar side business

Today you started a business

Startup metrics for pirates



Startup, launch

3 ways to prepare for a business launch

2 weeks to startup

Why startups fail

A simple guide to kickstarting your startup in the UK

46 ways to start a business with no money

Entrepreneurs need focus on their business model

Why founders fail: the product CEO paradox

Why we prefer founding CEO’s

How to start a business with only $100 in the bank

Don’t launch your product

The manual first startup[Startup+Digest]&utm_campaign=69742e57c3-StartupDigest_Reading_List_May&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_62dc6ea1a0-69742e57c3-247242297

Will you make it past being a founder?

The ultimate cheat sheet for starting and running your business

Your playbook to starting up on the cheap: 10 steps to launch for less than $1500 (infographic)

Welcome to the unicorn club: learning from billion dollar startups

Don’t start a company, kid

Bootstrapping a lean startup

How to start a business in 10 days

How I failed at my startup without losing my job or family


Startup, product

Making sense of minimum viable products

Build a pain-killer product, not a vitamin


Startup, team

How to build an insanely great founding team

Build your startup team with people better than you

How to divide equity to startup founders, advisors and employees

Cutting up the founder’s pie

The great divide: splitting founder’s equity

How to find a cofounder for your startup


Startup, pitch

How to demo your startup

How to demo your startup part 2

How to storyboard your pitch in 10 steps

Why your pitch sucks and how to fix it

How to pitch to a VC

10 reasons I hated your pitch

How to create an early stage pitch deck for investors

11 compelling startup pitch archetypes


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