Small-Time Entrepreneur is a blog about entrepreneurship for amateurs

This blog is for everyone starting or considering the path of entrepreneurship, and the aim is to help the little guys who are just starting out, like me.

Why read this blog?

New entrepreneurs often look to more experienced, veteran entrepreneurs as examples to follow. However, they can often feel intimidated by how big and important these proven and serial entrepreneurs are; these experts are the founders or co-founders of multimillion-dollar companies or raised millions in funding and so on. You can see how one would feel intimidated.

Well, fear no more!

If you can identify, then Small-Time Entrepreneur is the blog for you. It is written by amateurs and new entrepreneurs and it is meant for amateurs and new entrepreneurs. It is a compilation of stories and experiences of those who are starting entrepreneurship, whether early or late in their lives. There are no rockstars or know-it-all’s here, but there sure is a lot support and passion.

Telling stories, sharing experiences

I am a fresh graduate and aspiring entrepreneur. My goal is to start small by keeping things simple and experimenting by trial and error. I generally use myself as an example; in other words, I am my own guinea pig. I share personal anecdotes and experiences as I give entrepreneurship a shot and pursue my professional career in marketing. I want to open the conversation to everyone who reads or follows the blog so feel free to comment or contact me directly to share your story too.

Here’s to taking little steps, together, towards greatness! 


Small-time Entrepreneur


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