Validate Your Startup Idea On The Cheap

Ways to validate your startup idea

  1. set up a landing page and a goal (ex. number of sign-ups) to test your concept
  2. go crowdfunding, get support and feedback from the community
  3. contact 10 would-be customers, explain your idea and ask if they want you to build it for them
  4. list 5 potential customers by name (see Inc. Magazine’s napkin test)
  5. build a page to ask people for one social share (ex. a tweet) from those who believe in your product
  6. send the idea to 3 friends and ask each to pass it on to 3 others if they believe in it (and so on)
  7. try a simpler version of your idea (ex. be consultant or freelancer, build a web app, do the work manually before writing code, etc.)
  8. run a survey to find out how many people have the pain/problem you’re solving or have an interest in your idea
  9. write down all the negatives and weaknesses of your idea and evaluate whether these can be defended or overcome
  10. find at least one startup/business that’s doing the same or something similar now or in the past (if possible, contact the founders for advice)
  11. start a blog and grow a community of supporters around the topic of your idea
  12. establish yourself as an expert in the field (if you aren’t already) and use your followers for feedback and promotion
  13. recruit a partner, co-founder, or team to build your idea
  14. get one client (who isn’t your mom!) to agree to pay for and test your product once it is built
  15. submit your idea to a startup community such as Westartup to get feedback and make connections

Create products that people love by validating your idea first and channel your passion in order to be successful. Validating your idea is very important but can seem difficult. It’s easier than you think and all it takes is some thinking and some effort. Validation will be necessary at any stage when you think about finding a co-founder, recruiting a team, attracting investors and so on. Validation early on can help you get the next steps started and kick your startup into gear by saving time and effort right from the start.

Have you thought about validating your startup idea?


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