Entrepreneurship, The Ultimate Man-Made Tool

Some say entrepreneurship is a trait you’re either born with or not, others that it’s a skill anyone can learn. I think it can be even simpler: entrepreneurship is a tool. Just like our early ancestors before us developed tools made of stone, we too have developed a modern, more complex tool. We use entrepreneurship to improve life around us. A tool, contrary to a trait or skill, can be used by anyone for anything.

Entrepreneurship is like a Swiss-Army knife. It’s adaptable: you can use to build a business from scratch or to lead a project within your company. It’s upgradable: you can build upon it and improve it as you go, adding new features every day. It’s durable: you can use it over and over again, endlessly, and it will not let you down if you use it properly. Now pick up that tool and use it for everything, not just business. It’s handy and that’s the power of entrepreneurship.

How will you put this tool to good use?


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